Midway University
Student Athlete Forms


Athletes New to Midway (complete these forms and provide documents)

  1. Student Athlete Health Form (online version with all supporting documents included) 
  2. Physical (must be printed and completed by physician and returned)
  3. Provide a  Copy of Insurance Card (front and back)

*Hardcopy Option (we encourage everyone to do the online version but if necessary these are all the forms you need that are all part of the online version above.)

New Residential Athletes (those living on campus also need to provide these documents and complete these forms)

  1. Immunization Record written on Physical or submit a copy of Immunization Record
  2. Additional Signature Forms:


Returning Student-Athletes (complete these forms and provide documents)

  1. Returning Student Athlete Form
  2. Medical Consent Form
  3. Provide a copy of insurance card (front and back).