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The Midway University Eagle Club is the fundraising arm of Midway University Athletics. Its mission is to provide annual private support to the university's athletic teams, allowing more than 250 Eagle student-athletes to excel in academics and competition. The Eagle club strives to connect with every alumnus, fan and friend associated with Midway Athletics.


Why Should I Donate?

The Midway University Eagle Club contributes immensely to the success of the Midway University Department of Athletics by providing essential operating resources to all Midway University teams. The support of private donors provides an avenue for alumni, family and friends to invest in the future of Midway Athletics. Your gift will impact the lives of current and future Eagle student-athletes and better position our athletic teams in the pursuit of championships.


How Will My Money Be Put to Use?


Recruiting is the lifeblood to any successful athletics program, and annual donations assist our coaches in their search for the best talent to fit their programs. Your annual donation will play a significant role in helping us find the next GREAT Eagles.

Facility Enhancement Projects

To continue to attract the best prospective student-athletes in the region, state and surrounding states, it is important that we continue improving our facilities. Your annual donation will play a huge role in this success.

Operating Expenses

Increasing expenses have affected our travel and supplies budgets in a big way. Your annual donation will help put our student-athletes in the best position to succeed.


How Long is My Eagle Club Membership Valid?

Eagle Club memberships are valid July 1—June 30 of each academic year. Join soon to take full advantage of the benefits.


Is My Gift Tax Deductible?

Yes, your gift to the Midway University Eagle Club is tax deductible as regulated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Chart showing Midway University Eagle Club Giving Levels

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